Listed below is a selection of articles and conference talks that describe evolutionary aproaches to software architecture, particularly in relation to continuous delivery. Read/watch all of them. Then, working together:

  1. Prepare a 10-15 minute presentation comparing and contrasting the various approaches. (You will present this together at the start of the next course workshop.)
  2. Consider the early days of your current project. Figure out how you could have used one of these approaches. What would have been the costs and benefits of doing so? What else on the project would have had to be different in order for that approach to succeed (or even to have been considered)?

Alistair Cockburn:
Walking skeleton
Oren Dobzinski:
Kickstart your next project with a Walking Skeleton
Paul Grenyer:
Creating a Walking Skeleton
Dan North:
Decisions, decisions
Joe Rainsberger:
Persistence last
Gojko Adzic:
Forget the walking skeleton – put it on crutches