Sample training programmes

To give a flavour of the content of a typical programme, listed below are outlines of a sample of the programmes we have run recently.

  1. Menu A:

    This programme suited an organisation with a very large legacy codebase and senior developers who had little experience of modern programming techniques.

    1. Slicing projects thinly I
    2. Slicing projects thinly II
    3. Testing legacy code
    4. Refactoring legacy code I
    5. Refactoring legacy code II
    6. Incremental development
    7. Planning large refactorings
    8. Writing good unit tests
    9. Eliminating conditionals
    10. Effective use of Resharper
    11. Effective pair programming
    12. Ports & adapters architecture
  2. Menu B:

    This programme suited an organisation whose development processes had been established during the 1990s.

    1. Habitability and coupling
    2. TDD as a Design Technique
    3. Trunk-based development
    4. Writing good unit tests
    5. Incremental development
    6. Effective pair programming
    7. Testing legacy code
    8. Refactoring legacy code
    9. Composition over inheritance
    10. Ports & adapters architecture
  3. Menu C:

    This programme suited a young organisation with very immature project inception and governance.

    1. Habitability and coupling
    2. Continuous improvement
    3. Slicing projects thinly
    4. Incremental development
    5. TDD as a Design Technique
    6. Composition over inheritance
    7. Effective pair programming
    8. Modelling