How do in-house training courses work?

When we run a training day on your premises, we will work with you in advance to ensure that the day is a success for all concerned. To get the ball rolling, here is an outline of the main points we will need to consider.

The room

Our training courses are for groups of no more than 12 attendees.

In order for the course to be successful, we ask that you provide the following on the day of the course:

  • A working space for the whole team, arranged cabaret style with tables for four people, with sufficient space to work and move around, and free from distractions such as email, telephones and other disturbances.
  • Tea/coffee/water facilities for use during workshop breaks
  • A projector and projection screen or wall.
  • A flipchart with paper or a whiteboard that everyone in the room can see clearly.
  • Six workstations or laptops, each with the same IDE and unit test framework installed and ready to go.

For the programming courses, an even number of participants on the day is essential, as pair programming is the principal teaching vehicle.

Daily timetable

The timetable for each day will be approximately:

0900 - 1230 Morning workshops, including tea breaks
1230 - 1330 Lunch break
1330 - 1645 Afternoon workshops, including tea breaks
1645 Finish