Getting started with legacy code

A hands-on introduction to taming technical debt


In the real world, we all have to cope with legacy code. You will learn some practical techniques for getting to grips with existing code that is untested and badly designed: how to get it under test coverage, and a variety of approaches to refactoring it towards a better design.

This optional extension to the Getting Started with TDD course is aimed at teams who already have some legacy code in their project, and who wish to begin to take back control of their codebase.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the day participants will understand:

  • Reviewing for code smells
  • Patterns for coping with legacy code
  • Writing the first tests
  • Test-driven bugfixing
  • Discovering objects in procedural code
  • Refactoring to remove code smells


Audience: Software developers
Format Workshops, pair programming
Duration: 1 day
Capacity: Up to 12 participants
Location: Your UK premises (how that works)