Effective pair programming

An in-depth hands-on exploration of the benefits of Pair Programming


You will spend the day solving programming problems in pairs. You will explore different styles and rhythms of pairing, and you will look in depth at the effect it has on code, projects, people and teams.

This 1-day course is aimed at software developers who want to explore or perfect pair programming; you should all principally develop using the same language and technologies.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the day participants will understand:

  • The synergies afforded by pairing
  • How and why pairing costs less overall
  • The five styles of pair programming
  • The most effective habits of pairing programmers
  • How to set up your physical environment for pairing
  • The effects of pairing on the rest of your team


Audience: Software developers
Format Workshops, pair programming
Duration: 1 day
Capacity: Up to 12 participants
Location: Your UK premises (how that works)