Agile fundamentals

An essential set of strategies and techniques for shipping your product
incrementally as a continuous flow of valuable micro-features


This is a one-day course for whole software teams of up to fifteen people. Everyone involved in delivering your project or product should attend, up to a maximum of sixteen people. This course relies for its success on your developers, UX experts, testers, business analysts and management all acquiring the same understanding of what it means for a small software team to deliver better software, faster.

  • Engage your customers by creating usable product increments every few days
  • Enable your developers to deliver frequent releases by planning in behaviour increments
  • Develop the product your users need and eliminate the risk of being late

This hands-on course explores the entire flow of value through a software development team. As such, it is important that every member of the team experience every type of activity, from planning and requirements analysis through to programming and testing. At each stage, those members of your team who are versed in each role will be working with those who have less knowledge and experience; everyone will both help and be helped by their peers.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the day participants will understand:

  • Agile practices, principles and values
  • Planning to eliminate the major risks in software development
  • How to turn your team into a software machine
  • How to slice projects into a continuous flow of value
  • Specifying your product as a "black box"
  • Specifying behaviour incrementally
  • How to prepare stories for development
  • Creating value in very thin releasable slices
  • Measuring and reporting progress throughout a project


Audience: A whole team
Format Workshops, games, simulations
Duration: 1 day
Capacity: Up to 12 participants
Location: Your UK premises (how that works)