Agile fundamentals applied

Learn everything from our Agile Fundamentals course,
and then explore how to apply it practically to your current project.


This is a two-day workshop, featuring our Agile Fundamentals course as the first day.

A couple of weeks later, the second day focusses on applying that training to your current project. We will spend the day with your team looking at all aspects of your agile practices and processes, and leaving you with clear plans to create a highly responsive team.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the Fundamentals Applied the team will understand everything from the Agile Fundamentals course, and in addition:

  • Where to begin making changes to your working practices
  • How to visualise upcoming future work
  • How to track and manage work in progress
  • How to engage users and other stakeholders in your feedback loops
  • How to survive without endless meetings
  • Current team performance, expressed as a clear set of measures
  • How to envisage, plan, execute and measure continuous improvement activities


Audience: A whole team
Format Workshops
Duration: 2 days
Capacity: Up to 12 participants
Location: Your UK premises (how that works)