Agile coaching

Sometimes a training course isn't enough.

When you want to build a highly responsive software team, you need someone inside the team who has done it before. Someone who can model the behaviours you need everyone to adopt.

"We achieved more this afternoon than in the previous two months of the project!"
— Senior developer, 7digital


We have coached dozens of teams to deliver better software faster. Each has taken a totally different route, because each began with different people, processes, context and code. Following a methodology book is never enough, because no two situations are the same; a successful transformation requires some knowledge of what doesn't work as well as what does. A coach is thus a guide, starting you off on the journey and lighting your way at certain critical turning points.


To suit your situation, we can deliver this coaching in immersive blocks of one week every month or so, or as a slower burn of one or two days per week over a few months.