The XP Surgery

Have you ever wanted just enough software development coaching, without the huge expense of bringing in a consultant for even one day?

The XP Surgery offers bite-sized coaching in all aspects of modern software development. You and I can pair on any task in bite-sized chunks of one hour. Saving you time and money. Giving you exactly what you need and no more, without costing a fortune and with no need for a long-term commitment.

What could we accomplish in 1 hour?

  • I could pair with you on that tricky coding or analysis task
  • We could review some code and create a refactoring plan
  • We could write that first gnarly test or review your existing unit tests
  • We could review your upcoming stories to see whether they could be split differently
  • I could teach you how to run a daily retro
  • We could discuss a coaching problem you have
  • and so much more!

I've been writing software since 1975, leading teams and projects since the mid-80s, and providing agile and TDD coaching since 2000. So you'll get access to all of that accumulated experience, packaged in a no-nonsense bite-sized chunk of usefulness.