Mentoring via 1-1 remote pairing

Have you ever wanted just enough agile coaching, without the huge expense of bringing in a consultant for even one day?

The XP Surgery brings a new kind of tutoring in all aspects of modern software development — conducted remotely. You and I can pair on any task via Skype and screen-sharing. You and your team can discuss your designs or processes with me.

All in bite-sized chunks of a couple of hours. Saving you time and money. Giving you exactly what you need, and no more, without costing the Earth and with no need for a long-term commitment.

"A remote code review with Kevin a few years ago was one of the most important learning experiences of my career.
The lessons I learned have affected every piece of code I have written or refactored since"
— Adrian Mowat, Ruby Developer

1 to 1 tutoring

Need a quick boost to get you up to the next level? Without having to go on a full-on training course?

Remote 1 to 1 tutoring on techniques such as BDD, TDD, refactoring, object-oriented design, cucumber, Ruby, RSpec, Vim, Java, Eclipse, and many more...

1 on 1 pairing sessions

Need a pair partner for that tricky coding or analysis task?

Remote consulting on your object designs, testing techniques, story writing, cucumber tests, legacy code, legacy processes. Tap into my 35 years of software development, analysis and management experience and let's solve a big problem together.

Team Q & A

Need a quick review of how your agile/XP/Scrum transformation is going?

Group Q & A on team practices such as agile/XP/Scrum adoption, continuous delivery, BDD, collective code ownership, legacy code management or anything else that's giving you headaches.