Agile capability review

Whether you are just starting out on the agile journey or are seasoned experts,
it can be useful to have an objective expert review of your values and practices.

"Kevin is a passionate, dedicated and skilled Agile coach. He has a deep understanding of the process and knows what it takes for people to work effectively together towards a common goal. I recommend him highly, and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again"
— Software architect, Manchester


An external observer sees the team with a fresh pair of eyes and thus is likely to see things that are invisible to those involved on a daily basis.

Our two-day agile/TDD status and capability review assesses your team's processes, practices, skills, knowledge and weaknesses. This will involve our consultant

  • attending the full range of ceremonies such as stand-ups, planning meetings, retrospectives etc;
  • conducting informal half-hour interviews with stakeholders, project leads and senior technical staff;
  • and pair programming with the team during normal work, to get a sense of how the work flows.


An external coach is less subject to political and project pressures, and is thus able to see and suggest things that lie "outside of the box".

Towards the end of the two days we will sit down together to review our observations. This will include an assessment of what we perceive to be the areas in which your team needs most improvement.

A few days later we will also send you a report detailing our findings, together with our recommended plan for the next steps on your agile journey. Based on the review's findings we will recommend a suitable mix of on-the-job mentoring for technical and managerial staff, and/or whole-team training classes in agile, TDD, software design etc.


Audience: Your whole team
Format 1-1 discussions, retrospectives, your ceremonies, pair programming
Duration: 2 days
Location: Your team space